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Netchex is an automated human resources program. It offers a slew of functions related to human resources.

With Netchex, users can put a variety of human resources functions in one slot. Benefits, human resource functions, and payroll can be utilized for employees, as can onboarding. This means that you can create one website in which employees can fill out all the necessary benefits and paperwork. Netchex also handles all taxes and can be used to handle regulatory compliance as well.

Looking to completely automate payroll? No problem. Netchex integrates with all major systems and can manage your direct deposit. All you have to do is set the parameters and the amounts, and you're good. It can also handle benefit management and administration, making sure that your employees are properly using their benefits and helping you to manage any related costs. 

However, Netchex's benefits don't just stop at traditional human resources functions. Netchex modules can also handle a variety of other features. It can assist with scheduling management and attendance, keeping track of when an employee shows up to work and leaves. This information, of course, then integrates with payroll, ensuring paying your employees is completely automated.

Interested in performance management or upskilling your employees? No problem. You can use Netchex to create learning modules, thus giving your employees the necessary training that they need to improve and help your business be successful. You can also use its built-in modules to track their performance, ensuring that they are meeting your standards and creating a comprehensive employee file that can be used to manage your employee's overall performance.

Netchex is hugely affordable, with some reviewers noting that it saved them tens of thousands of dollars by moving away from larger companies. Like most programs of this variety, it scales, allowing users to purchase affordable options depending on what modules they wanted to purchase. The customizable nature of this program ensures that you are truly only getting what you pay for. 

Concerns with the program were minor and scattered. Some users noted that the complexity of the program meant that some facets didn't integrate appropriately, occasionally leading to double work or missed information. However, by and large, users seemed extremely happy with the program, noting that it was highly intuitive and provided highly useful information for their business.


  • One-stop shopping makes human resource management a breeze. 
  • Scalable pricing model that ensures you don't waste a cent.
  • Its various features mesh well together, ensuring that your entire payroll and scheduling process is automated. This removes human error and makes life much easier for managers and employees alike. 


  • Better integration of the various modules would be appreciated by users. 

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Dashboards
  2. User
  3. Role
  4. and Access Mgmt.
  5. Performance

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Mobility
  2. Internationalization
  3. Expense Management
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